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Zacks Sales Surprises

Flexible Access

This data is available via Web API and Excel.

Zacks Sales Surprises History

The Zacks Sales Surprises Data Feed provides pre-earnings release consensus sales estimates from analysts for thousands of stocks. Zack’s storied research team aggregates and validates the estimates and compares these estimates to non-GAAP sales reported by the company, providing the amount and percent surprise on release.  Analysts and developers can access this data feed in Excel and API format.


Use Sales Surprises to Craft Trading Strategies

Companies report sales figures quarterly and those figures may or may not differ from the consensus estimates. If earnings are off from what was estimated, the stock price usually reacts immediately. If the actual reported sales is greater than the sales estimate (positive sales surprise), the stock price will generally rise, and if the actual reported sales fail to meet the consensus sales estimates, the stock price will generally fall (negative sales surprise). A company that has a consistent track record of beating their consensus sales estimates will generally do well over time. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about this data feed. We have also curated some resources to help you get started, listed on the right. If you have any questions or issues, please visit our Help Center. if you have any questions.
What is the coverage for this feed?
  • Zacks covers US and Canadian public companies with at least 1 sell side analyst covering the company.
How much history is available?
  • A max of 3 years is available for individuals.
  • Extended history is available upon request, but must be approved by our Zacks contact. Please contact us here for more information: Chat with us
I need historical earnings dates, does this feed include that?
  • Yes, this feed includes historical earnings dates along with historical sales actuals and estimates. It does NOT include current estimates for upcoming periods. For current sales estimates, you'll need this feed instead:
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  • 4,000 securities covered
  • United States and Canadian Securities
  • Pre-Earnings Release Quarterly Estimates of Sales
  • Earnings Release Dates and Times, Fiscal Periods, and Last Revised Date
  • Count of Analysts Covering A Stock and Standard Deviation of Pre-Earnings Release Sales Estimates
  • GAAP and Non-GAAP Sales from the Earnings Release
  • Screen securities based on Sales Surprises from the last reported Earnings Release
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