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Valuing Stocks Has Never Been This Easy

Vantage is a free web application that allows users to effortlessly calculate a discounted cash flow to firm model using Wall Street Consensus estimates. Analysts can then adjust the assumptions that underlie the model to scenario test the intrinsic value produced by the DCF. More than 10 categories of valuation metrics are calculated automatically and fundamental income statement and balance sheet data are available with a click of the mouse. Vantage allows beginners and experts to conduct fundamental analysis in seconds to understand the intrinsic value of a security. 

Vantage Screenshot

  • WACC
  • DCF
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Profitability
  • Growth
  • Efficiency
  • Leverage
  • Liquidity
  • Solvency

Stop Entering Data and Start Thinking

Data entry and analysis have always been the most time consuming part of equity valuation, leaving analysts with little time to think about the assumptions driving their models. Vantage takes care of the data entry and analysis so that users can spend their time on insight, conducting real research to improve the validity of the quantitative conclusions that emerge. With the efficiency created by Vantage, analysts can improve the quantity and quality of their analysis which means more time and money for the things that really matter.

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