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The Intrinio R SDK wraps all API v2 endpoints into an easy-to-use set of classes, methods, and response objects.


Alpha - Not recommended for Production

The new Intrinio R SDK is not yet available via CRAN and must be installed manually.

Once the new Intrinio R SDK reaches version 1.0.0 it will be uploaded to and made available via CRAN, superseding the current Intrinio Stock API Wrapper .


You'll need the devtools package in order to build the API. Install the devtools package with the following command in R:

> R
> if(!require(devtools)) { install.packages("devtools") }

Installation of the API package

First, clone the Intrinio R-SDK Github repo.

> git clone

Next, set your working directory to where you've cloned the R SDK and using R, execute:

> cd r-sdk
> R
> library(devtools)
> install(".")
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Release History


Released 01/27/2020


Released 10/23/2019