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US Fundamentals and Stock Prices

API Documentation

API Version History

Below you will find the release history of our API including new features and bug fixes contained in each release.


New Features

  • Added ability to specify multiple report types for Filings
  • Added start date, end date, and report type filters to Company Filings
  • Added Parent, Sequence, Factor and Balance to Data Tags
  • Standardized Financials are now sorted by the sequence of the Data Tags

Bug Fixes

  • Proper error response when supplying invalid parameters to Technicals endpoints
  • Proper conversion of booleans to integers for Data Point Number endpoint  


Bug Fixes

  • Securities endpoint not returning data in Sandbox when querying by exchange.


New Features

  • Added Crypto Technicals
  • Added Zacks Analyst Ratings
  • Added Zacks EPS Surprises
  • Added Zacks Sales Surprises
  • Added date fields to the Lookup Company endpoint: "first_fundamental_date", "last_fundamental_date", "first_stock_price_date", "last_stock_price_date"

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Options chain documentation variable from "chains" to "chain"
  • Removed duplicate "roc2" parameter in KST technical indicator
  • Fixed numerous SDK issues with date-time parsing
  • Fixed Options prices in the Sandbox environment
  • Allow empty strings for parameters to signify nil


New Features

  • Use stock price access codes for technicals


New Features

  • Added Options
  • Added VWAP to Technicals


New Features

  • Added crypto endpoints
  • Lookup fundamentals by code
  • Added XBRL dimensions
  • Added listing exchange mic to security detail


New Features

  • Added technicals endpoints
  • Added mutual funds endpoints


New Features

  • Added forex endpoints
  • Added sandbox


New Features

  • Added Security Dividends
  • Added Security Earnings
  • Added Security Real-time Prices
  • Added Stock Exchange Real-Time Prices
  • Added SEC Company Filing Notes
  • Added a "frequency" parameter to Get Historical Data for Companies and Securities


Initial release of Intrinio APIv2.