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US Fundamentals and Stock Prices

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Flexible Access

This data is available via Web API, Excel, and CSV Download.


The Best US Market Fundamentals and Stock Price Data Available

The US Fundamentals and Stock Prices Data Feed provides the world's most cost-effective data on US equities. It includes everything you need to analyze a stock, build a watchlist or enhance an application with live securities data.

US Fundamentals and Stock Prices Feed Highlights

  • End of day stock prices date back to 1969. Fundamental history goes back to 2007 and company news history goes back to May 2016.
  • Pricing data includes ETFs and ADRs/foreign issuers. It does not include OTC securities. 
  • Simplified, composite stock quotes and prices for multi-exchange securities. 
  • Company news is primarily sourced from Yahoo Finance. 
  • Our fundamental data and company news covers US-based public companies that file a 10-K or 10-Q statement and trade on the major US exchanges. 
  • Standardized financial statements. 
  • As-reported financial statements. 
  • Upcoming and Recent IPOs (up to 30 days ago). 

Stock Market Prices and Fundamentals Data at Your Fingertips

Fresh, innovative machine-learning algorithms power our SEC filing XBRL engine, providing you with standardized, comparable financial reporting statements you can rely on.

Fuel your analysis with hundreds of data points for more than 10,000 stocks, including market cap, gross margin, total revenues, last price, volume, split ratio and more.

Using data from Exchange Data International and Investors Exchange we provide historical and intraday stock quotes.

Also included in this feed is fundamental data sourced from each company’s 10-Q and/or 10-K statements, parsed and cleansed by our machine-learning algorithms. Get instant access to standardized and as-reported financial statements for all public companies in the United States, including income statements, balance sheets and statements of cash flows, and metrics such as market capitalization, EBITDA, ROI and more.


About Intrinio

Intrinio makes securing the best financial data easier and more affordable than ever. Take your pick from hundreds of high-quality international and domestic feeds, many of which can be redistributed without penalty or additional fees. Let us clean up the messy parts of data collection and standardization so you can spend more time working on what matters.

Data Feeds

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about this data feed. We have also curated some resources to help you get started, listed on the right. If you have any questions or issues, please visit our Help Center. if you have any questions.
What kind of data is included in the feed?
  • This feed includes as-reported and standardized income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement data, latest end of day and historical end of day pricing data, and company news for US companies.
How far back does your history go?
  • Pricing history goes back to early 1970's where applicable.
  • Fundamental history goes back to 2007 (see question #3 for more information).
  • Company news history goes back to 5/2016.
How do you source your data?
  • Fundamental data we source ourselves, scraped directly from the 10-Q and 10-K statements using our machine learning algorithm.
  • Pricing data is sourced from Exchange Data International.
  • Company news is primarily sourced from Yahoo Finance.
Which companies do you cover in this feed?
  • Our pricing data covers all US securities trading on the major exchanges. It does not include OTC securities. It does include ETFs and ADRs/Foreign Issuers.
  • Our fundamental data and company news covers US based public companies filing a 10-K or 10-Q statement trading on the major US exchanges. It does not cover OTC securities, ETFs, or ADRs/Foreign Issuers.
Do you have more history available prior to 2007 for fundamental data? Why does your history stop there?
  • Our fundamental history corresponds exactly with the SEC mandate that companies file their 10-Q and 10-K statements in XBRL format. XBRL is an electronic file format that our algorithm needs to scrape data from the statements. If a filing is not in XBRL format, we will not have data from it.
  • The SEC mandated that large cap companies begin filing in XBRL in 2009, so we have quarterly fundamental history back to 2009 and yearly history back to 2007 for those.
  • The SEC mandated that mid and small cap companies begin filing in XBRL in 2010, so we have quarterly fundamental history back to 2010 and yearly history back to 2008 for those.
This company just IPO’d but you do not have any fundamental data on it, why not?
  • We will not have fundamental data for a company until they file their first 10-Q or 10-K. Check on the SEC site to see if the company has filed one of those filings.
My code is returning “nm”. What does that mean?
  • “nm” stands for “not meaningful”. An example is a PE value that is negative for a company. Industry standard does not present negative PE values, so we also do not return them, and instead return a “nm”.
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