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Flexible Access

This data is available via Excel Web API.

If you aren't already familiar with the Intrinio API, this article will get you started. It includes examples of how to authenticate, sample code in numerous languages and sample API calls.

The Intrinio Excel add-in is incredibly easy to use; just follow this tutorial. For more information on how to access EDI feeds in Excel, click here.

Option Quotes for All US Securities in One Convenient Data Feed

Get the US options data you need to build amazing apps and fuel systematic analyses in Excel. This feed provides the latest EOD data. If you need real-time stock options data, check out our real-time OPRA feed from QUODD.


  • Latest end of day (EOD) US options prices snapped at 4 PM ET each day for all contracts provided by OPRA.
  • Options data (with the exception of open interest data) is available in our system same day at around 10:30 PM ET. Open interest data is available next day at around 8:00 AM ET.
  • Users can access the most recent EOD data via a subscription or request a bulk download of historical data.
  • This feed features last-reported EOD pricing. Need historical data? No problem! Simply contact our team to request a bulk download.

Data Included in the US Options Data Feed

  • Close price, closing bid, closing ask.
  • Close volume, close bid volume, close ask volume.
  • Implied volatility.
  • Open interest.
  • Count of daily trades.
  • Coverage for all US securities.
  • Chat with our team for pricing on three, six and nine years of historical EOD options prices.

US Options Data Feed Resources

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Watch: Stock Options Prices in Excel

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  • Close Price, Closing Bid, Closing Ask
  • Close Volume, Close Bid Volume, Close Ask Volume
  • Implied Volatility
  • Open Interest
  • Count of Daily Trades
  • Coverage for all US Securities
  • Latest EOD Prices snapped at 4PM ET
  • Historical EOD Prices Dating to 2008 available upon request
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