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Global Market Holidays and Timings

Get direct access to the next 25 years of official holidays observed by financial institutions in more than 130 countries. The Global Market Holidays and Timings service is divided into 5 products and provides accurate information on holiday observances affecting financial institutions such as Exchanges Trading Venues, Banks, Settlements, and Currency Traders. Replace antiquated, manual, time-consuming data collection processes with an electronic alternative.


  • Provides Global Market Holidays and Timings over the web, enabling quick access to specific instructions or country, as well as giving the option to create specific email alerts. 
  • Subscribers can easily integrate country Global Market Holidays and Timings calendars into their email solution (Outlook & Google Mail). 
  • Using the detailed settlement and institution notes, automatically calculate the next trading day after any institutional holiday.
  • Easily view holidays for the current month and set up daily email alerts to receive any up-to-date information. 

Quality Data You Can Trust

  • Data sourced from EDI
  • Daily frequency, available for the next 25 years

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  • Institution code
  • Holiday name 
  • Settlement details and notes 
  • Institution notes 
  • Opening notes  
  • Holiday type (full or partial) 
  • Holiday notes 
  • Opening closing times 
  • GMT time zone difference 
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