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IEX Real-Time Stock Prices Unlimited

Flexible Access

Prices are accessible through our Web API or a WebSocket implementation. When using the WebSocket, you may have clients listen for price updates to individual securities (with a 500 concurrent limit). You also have access to a "firehose" option that will stream all price updates to your server directly. It is also possible to access real-time pricing in Excel via our Excel Add-In.

Unlimited Real-time IEX prices

The IEX top of book quote feed (TOPS), is a direct data feed product provided for free by IEX. TOPS provides IEX's aggregated best quoted bid and offer position in real-time for all securities on IEX's displayed limit order book.

Displaying real-time prices in an application and using them in financial analytics adds real insight for customers and users but the big exchanges that traditionally provide "tick" prices charge outrageous prices. They have a monopoly and they charge like they know it. Even worse, forget about redistribution- get ready to pay for every user in addition to paying for the data. The IEX Real-Time Security Tracker breaks the mold, allowing developers and analysts to pay just for the stocks they want to cover in real-time and includes the option to redistribute that data to end users. IEX real time prices represent the bid, ask, and last price data-points from the Investors Exchange (IEX).

A fair exchange

IEX is a fair, simple and transparent Stock Exchange. IEX is dedicated to institutionalizing fairness in the markets, and provides a fair exchange for investors via a simplified market structure design and cutting-edge technology.  

About Intrinio

Intrinio makes securing the best financial data easier and more affordable than ever. Take your pick from hundreds of high-quality international and domestic feeds, many of which can be redistributed without penalty or additional fees. Let us clean up the messy parts of data collection and standardization so you can spend more time working on what matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about this data feed. We have also curated some resources to help you get started, listed on the right. If you have any questions or issues, please visit our Help Center. if you have any questions.
What is the difference between this data feed and your other IEX Real-Time Prices feed?

This IEX Real-Time Stock Prices Unlimited data feed is a real time "firehose" solution. This means that a subscription to this feed grants you access to the "lobby" channel, streaming real-time prices for all securities trading on the IEX exchange. Our other IEX real-time prices feed, seen here, allows you to connect individually to securities on the IEX exchange. Therefore, if you have a specific univerise in mind for which you require real-time streaming prices, our other IEX Real-Time Stock Prices feed is your best option. If you instead need access to the real-time prices for all securities trading on the IEX, this unlimited feed is the way to go.

Isn't the IEX free? Why would I subscribe to your IEX solution?

We provide several competitive advantages in subscribing to our IEX feed over just pulling the data from the IEX site. These include the SDKs we've built for accessing the data, pulling the data into our security master database, API integration and distribution platform, and our online chat support.

Because we offer a paid, premium service, we also guarantee that our service will remain active. IEX offers a free service with no such guarantee or obligation, able to cut off your access at any time with rate limits to boot.

If you need help and support utilizing our developer tools, need to integrate other kinds of data using our API, and/or require a guaranteed service, then a subscription through us is the way to go.

However, if you're an individual, experienced developer that also does not need any other types of data, and are fine with the risks associated with using a free, unprotected service, you're better off going with IEX, since it's free.

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  • Real-time IEX stock prices for US securities
  • Redistribution to end users included
  • Bid, ask, and last price
  • No contracts
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