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ICE Global Network Raw Tick Services for ICE securities deliver raw tick historical data solutions for the most latency-sensitive traders. 

Accurately time-stamp market data off the wire with our exchange coverage and colocation presence globally. Low latency direct feeds with nanosecond precision timestamps are captured in each exchange colocation. Daily files are accessible within two hours of market close via AWS (Amazon Web Services).


  • Lossless packet capture
  • Improved time to market
  • Eliminated cost of storage
  • Easy on demand & bulk access

Quality Data You Can Trust

  • Data provided by ICE
  • Highly resilient setup with two feeds that connect to independent capture systems
  • Immediate access to raw market data to enable research into new venues and feeds
  • GPS based timestamps applied at the lowest latency exchange hand-offs

About Intrinio

Intrinio makes securing the best financial data easier and more affordable than ever. Take your pick from hundreds of high-quality international and domestic feeds, many of which can be redistributed without penalty or additional fees. Let us clean up the messy parts of data collection and standardization so you can spend more time working on what matters.

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  • History is from April 2018 onwards​
  • ICE iMpact
  • All markets, except ICE OTC
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