Dow Jones Index Data

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Real-time Index prices are accessible to individuals and pros through our Real-Time WebSocket SDKs.  We also have an API “firehose” solution for enterprise clients that will stream all price updates to your server directly.

Dow Jones Real-Time Index Products

The Dow Jones Indices are regularly used as the basis for a wide range of financial instruments. Investors, asset managers and financial institutions use DJ Index Index data to measure market movements at all levels of detail and sophistication.

Sample Indexes Include: 

A list of all included symbols can be downloaded here:

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  • Dow Jones Averages, such as the Industrial, Transportation and Utilities Average
  • Dow Jones Titans Indexes, Dow Jones Global Indexes, Dow Jones Select Sectors, Dow Jones Total Stock Market Indices, etc
  • Co-branded Indices such as BNY Mellon, Citi, etc.
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