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The Largest Video Library of Public Companies in North America. CEO Clips are short company video profiles broadcast to a large audience of investors on TV and 12+ financial sites including Reuters, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Journal, and BTV – Business Television, a half-hour weekly investment show, profiles emerging companies across Canada and the US to bring investors information for their portfolio. On air for 20+ years, BTV is broadcast nationally on BNN Bloomberg, BizTV, and Air Canada. With hosts Taylor Thoen and Jessica Katrichak, BTV interviews top analysts and features companies at their location for an insightful business perspective. Features from these episodes will be available.


  • Features different sectors such as technology, cannabis, mining, pharma, and bio-tech.
  • More than 2500 companies have been featured.

Quality Data You Can Trust

  • Data sourced from BTV Business Television

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Intrinio makes securing the best financial data easier and more affordable than ever. Take your pick from hundreds of high-quality international and domestic feeds, many of which can be redistributed without penalty or additional fees. Let us clean up the messy parts of data collection and standardization so you can spend more time working on what matters.

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  • In-depth interviews with CEOs of companies in various sectors, giving investors insight into each company.  
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