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Brain Sentiment Indicator monitors public financial news for approximately the largest 8000 global stocks using about 2000 financial media sources.


  • Stay informed: leverage Brain’s proprietary automated analysis of financial news flow to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamic factors driving investor sentiment. 
  • Add depth to investment decisions: incorporate BSI’s ranking to build quantitative strategies that include sentiment as a short-term momentum indicator. Apply sentiment scores to value strategies to find companies that could be under- or over-priced mainly due to very low or high sentiment. 
  • Leverage advanced technologies and models: Brain’s robust sentiment scoring technology is based on the combination of various Natural Language Processing techniques. Algorithms have been validated by manually comparing calculated sentiment during positive and negative historical events (e.g. Facebook in 2018) for a large set of companies included in the universe.

Quality Data You Can Trust

  • Data sourced from Brain
  • Data is updated at 6 AM UTC for the current day
  • Daily frequency, more than 3 years of history dating back to August 2016 

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  • The daily sentiment score assigned to each stock ranges from -1 (most negative) to +1 (most positive)
  • The score corresponds to the average of sentiment for each piece of news on two time scales; 7 days and 30 days.
  • The news volume is also reported and could be used to build use cases in which sentiment and news volume are combined. 
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