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API Documentation


The QUODD Web API requires a token from your Intrinio account.

You can retrieve this token from Intrinio's API by calling:

GET https://api.intrinio.com/token?type=QUODD&api_key=OjA1ZTFiNGZiN2U4Y2JlNjAwNzE0OGQ4YjM2YTFmNjRk

* Example API Key is not valid.

You can find your API Key(s) on your Account API API keys page.

You must include a valid API Key with every request in-order to access to the API.

If your credentials are not authorized, a status code of 401 will be returned.

Ticker Updates

To retrieve quote and trade data for individual tickers, use your token to call

POST https://www5.quodd.com/quoddsnap/c/intrinio/t/{token}

The body of the request should contain JSON {"tickers":"AAPL.NB,MSFT.NB"} , where tickers is a comma-separated list of tickers using the QUODD Nasdaq Basic Symbology of appending .NB to the security's common ticker.

Example JSON Response


Market Updates

To retrieve quote and trade data for the entire market, use your token to call

POST https://www5.quodd.com/quoddsnap/c/intrinio/t/{token}/nb

Example JSON Response



Depending on your subscription, the following limits may apply:

Limit Type Example Explanation
Ticker Updates 500/minute You may request 500 ticker updates per minute.
Market Updates 1/minute You may request 1 market update per minute.