Developer Sandbox

What is it?

When you sign up for an Intrinio account, you receive a "Sandbox" API key. This special API key can be used to access our Developer Sandbox environment. The Sandbox has a large variety of free, limited data which you can use for developing, testing, and experimenting.

This allows you to test each data feed without having to sign up for a trial or be limited by access restrictions. You can experiment without interruption and without affecting any production applications that you have already built.

It's Intrinio's way of empowering Fintech developers to build the next generation of apps. Use it to craft your MVP, make a proof-of-concept, or just play around with the data.

The purpose of the Sandbox is to allow you to discover the structure of the data and the features of the API. It is not meant for production use and may not be up-to-date or complete. For trial access to Production data, please contact our Sales team.

How do I use it?

Simply use your "Sandbox" API key when interfacing with our API, CSV Downloads, or Excel Add-in, and you will receive limited data from the Sandbox database instead of full data from the Production database. If you already have an Intrinio account, you should see a new "Sandbox" API key in your Account screen.

How much data is included?

The Developer Sandbox includes over 10 million data points, covering:

  • Companies on the Dow 30:
    • Standardized and As-Reported Financials going back to 2007
    • Daily stock prices going back to 1969
    • Real-time stock prices
    • Stock price adjustments, dividends, splits
    • Technicals from 30 indicators
    • Calculations, metrics, ratios
    • Financial statement notes
    • SEC filings
    • Corporate actions
    • News articles
    • Company & security metadata
    • Insider transactions & ownership
  • International Securities (1200+ securities from 120+ exchanges):
    • Daily stock prices
    • Stock price adjustments, dividends, splits
    • Technicals from 30 indicators
    • Corporate actions
    • Security metadata
  • Stock market indices and prices (S&P 500, NASDAQ, Dow Jones)
  • 14 economic indicators (GDP, Fed Funds, Unemployment, CPI, and more)
  • 9 sector & industry aggregates
  • 3000+ institutional investors and their holdings
  • ETF prices, stats, holdings (84 major ETFs in US, Canada, Europe, and Global)
  • Executive compensation, titles, and contact info (DOW 30, 50 international companies)
  • Options Prices (DOW 30, 14 days history)
  • Forex (5 major pairs, H1+)
  • Crypto (BTCUSD, H1+)
  • Municipal Financials (30 municipalities)