US Institutional Holdings

Flexible Access

This data is available via Web API.

Value and Buyback Indicators

The Institutional Holdings Data Feed keeps you and your customers informed about the securities institutions are holding. Gain insight into the confidence a company has in its own future performance relative to its current share price and monitor the capacity an organization has to buyback its own shares. Keep track of companies in the sweet spot, with enough shares to show confidence and enough room to add more shares to support healthy buyback programs. Enhance customer reports and end user applications with the insight of an insider and watch for major share purchases of the stocks you follow at outside institutions.

Track the Key Players


Large institutions are required to disclose their holdings and these disclosures can form another source of insight for your customers and personal portfolio. In addition to influencing the price of a stock directly, institutional moves can indicate the value teams of expert analysts at the institution place on that stock. The Institutional Holdings Data Feed puts this data in your hands with industry leading flexibility to build custom models in Excel, websites, organizational dashboards, and 3rd party applications. Instant chat support, game changing redistribution allowances, and unrestrictive terms make this data set affordable and easy to integrate.   

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