Purchase US Stock Prices, 50+ years

Historical end of day (EOD) stock prices for all US public companies excluding over the counter (OTC) stocks. Open, high, low, close, volume, as well as prices adjusted for splits and dividends, are included. For actively trading stocks, history is daily back to the early 1960's, where applicable. For delisted stocks, history back to 2007 is available for all stocks that were actively trading on or after January 1st, 2007.

Usage of the data is subject to the Intrinio Data Download Non-Redistribution License

Below are the files you will receive upon purchase. The data will be in CSV format.

stock_prices_uscomp_all_file-1.zip 306.7 MB
stock_prices_uscomp_all_file-2.zip 327.7 MB
stock_prices_uscomp_all_file-3.zip 296 MB
stock_prices_uscomp_all_file-4.zip 122.8 MB


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