Be Your Own Financial Advisor

Most financial advisors won't even consider a new client with less than $100,000. Advisors are expensive, and the mutual funds they typically invest you in perform badly. With MoneyGeek, take control of your financial future. Follow easy, step-by-step instructions from professionals so you can invest your own savings.

  •   Free book/Video course for those new to investing
  •   Blog Articles for in-depth topics
  •   Tools to help assess your investment needs
  •   Low cost Model Portfolios that change with the times
  •   Support to assist you on your journey

Toolbox and Guide for DIY Investors

Get a better understanding of the market through blogs and newsletters, understand the risks involved, view model prortfolios, participate in public Q&A and more. With the MoneyGeek toolbox, you have the resources you need to successfully and confidently invest your own savings. Access research, education, free capital gains worksheets, investment tax optimizers and more.

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