Excel Add-In


Data Analysis, Not Data Entry

The Intrinio Excel add-in allows you to subscribe to any of the data feeds available in the Intrinio Fintech Marketplace and access the data dynamically in Excel. Unlike traditional Excel add-ins that bundle many forms of data together, you have the flexibility to add and subtract data types to fit your needs. Building with the Intrinio Excel add-in saves money, but the ability to refresh every cell in your workbook with the latest figures also saves time because you will only need to build your models once. 

Pay for the Data You Use

Download the Excel add-in for free and test it out with a free trial of the US Public Company Financial Data Feed. If you enjoy the tool, upgrade your subscription to access more daily data or add new APIs to fit your needs. Instant chat support and handy pre-made templates are included to help you get started.  

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