Beyond ETFs

Beyond ETFs is an information management tool designed to help manage your Self Directed Fund (SDF) and outperform the S&P 100, by educating you when to sell and what to buy with the Brockmann Method and reinforcing your habits with an instant, personalized scorecard.


The Brockmann Method utilizes price momentum, the flows of good money in and out of the S&P 100 stocks, to create a daily rank order which informs you what and when to buy and what and when to sell.

  • Buy Zone: Top 10 S&P 100 Stocks
  • Don’t Buy More Zone: S&P 100 Stocks 11-25
  • Sell Threshold: S&P Stocks 26+

The Brockmann Method is tried and true, generating a 3x better result than the S&P 100 index when back tested model since 2007. Furthermore, utilizing the Beyond ETFs app from March 2017 to January 2018 generated a return of 30% vs 19% for the S&P 100.


The Beyond ETFs app, available for iPhones and iPads, offers a variety of features for paying subscribers.

  • Buy Zone Ticker
    • Near real-time pricing
    • % change since yesterday’s close
    • $ change since yesterday’s close
  • Zone Change Notifications
    • Buy the Buy Zone
    • Sell at the Sell Threshold
    • Buy the highest Buy Zone stock you don’t already own
  • Individual Scorecard
    • Near real-time scores for:
      • Today’s score
      • Proceeds
      • Percent change since start
      • Annual Rate of Return (ARR) since start


Download the Beyond ETFs app for your iPhone or iPad and sign up for a free, 7-day trial. Once the trial is up, sign up for a subscription to continue utilizing the premium features.

  • Annual Subscription $118.99
  • Quarterly Subscription $37.99
  • Monthly Subscription $18.99
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